What you need to know about the Trump administration’s decision to scrap coal in the U.S.

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Trump administration officials have announced a $15 million cut to the EPA’s budget to offset the Trump Administration’s plan to scrap the coal industry in the United States.

The cuts come as the country faces an environmental crisis that has resulted in coal-burning power plants being shuttered in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, states that have struggled with climate change.

According to a recent report from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the United Kingdom is the only country that has used all of its remaining coal resources.

The Carnegie report found that coal is a primary source of heat for more than half of the world’s population, including those in the developing world, and accounts for nearly a third of global CO2 emissions.

Trump’s move could potentially hurt coal industry jobs.

According, a recent study by the Environmental Defense Fund found that in the last five years, the coal mining industry has lost about 5 million jobs.

The United States has a population of about 23.5 million, but the country is home to just over 13 percent of the planet’s population.

With the current U.N. climate change goal of reducing the planet by the end of the century by 26 percent, coal is the second-largest contributor to climate change, behind natural gas.

The U.K. has announced a similar plan to phase out coal power.

“The U.KS plan would result in coal miners having to pay a greater share of their carbon emissions to the government, but will reduce the emissions that they’re putting into the atmosphere and it’s a good thing to do,” said James McPherson, a senior policy analyst at Greenpeace USA.

“In a world where we are the largest emitter of carbon dioxide, this is a good first step.

But this is not the first step.”

While the U-K.

plan may be a step in the right direction, the world can’t wait any longer for the U,S.

to finally do away with coal.

“Coal is not going away,” said Mark Jorgenson, executive director of the Coal Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, “but the transition to a low-carbon economy is far from complete.

We need to get off the coal train as quickly as possible.”

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