How to save up for a new car: Ford’s $1,000,000 Ford Focus is coming to your neighborhood

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Ford is bringing its Focus SUV to the United States starting this summer.

The Ford Focus SUV will cost $1.1 million to build, according to Ford Motor Co., and it will have a price tag of about $5 million.

The Focus is a smaller version of the Focus that Ford made for Europe.

The U.S. Focus is expected to begin hitting the market sometime next year.

It will come with a choice of four different engines: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, a 4.0 liter turbocharged four-valve engine, and a 4-cylindered V-6 engine.

The Focus will be the company’s first new car to go into production in the U.K. The first Focus in the country is the Ford Focus C. In the U and the U-K, the Ford is the best-selling car in the world, according for the automaker.

It has an average sales of about 7,400 cars a day.

Ford has been building the Focus in a number of locations, including its factory in Sunderland, England, in Sunderland.

The company said the plant will employ 2,000 people, including 600 at Ford’s Sunderland factory.

The new Focus will make its debut in 2019.

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