What’s wrong with your recycling?

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Google News article The Metric Bureau of India has launched a new project to help people understand the waste generated by India’s cities and suburbs, including a metric system that would allow people to track their use of resources.

The project aims to make Indian cities and suburban areas more sustainable by reducing waste generated and resulting in pollution.

The aim of the project is to provide a new metric for the waste-disposal sector and promote transparency in the waste management sector, said Akshay Bhushan, project director of the Bureau of Meter, Energy and Resources at the Metric Body.

“The system will also enable the monitoring of the use of various waste management methods, which would help to make cities and towns more sustainable.”

The Metric System, which is expected to be available in 2018, will provide a centralised platform for tracking waste generation and pollution, Bhushans said.

It would also help users track the waste of different municipal services, including waste treatment and waste distribution.

India is the world’s third largest consumer of non-renewable resources after the United States and China.

The country consumes more than 90% of its total energy needs from its waste, which can be either carbon, hydrogen or methane, Bhusanyam said.

The government has made it mandatory for residents to report waste to the Bureau for assessment and collection, which means people in the city and suburbs are obliged to use the system.

This means the waste is often either collected or disposed of in the wrong place, he added.

The Metrian has also launched an online portal for users to log waste generation in real time, and it has plans to expand the service to other cities.

“This project will enable people to have a central platform for data on waste and provide a way to track the use and pollution of municipal resources,” Bhushanyam told NDTV.

In cities, the waste produced by households and businesses is often in poor condition, he said.

“As people are spending more and more on consuming things which have been produced from waste, it is becoming a more pressing issue.

So we are keen to see the use-by-date (of materials) in a more efficient way,” he added, saying that people in urban areas are now being asked to dispose of their waste properly.

The bureau said the new metric would also be used for measuring waste in non-residential spaces.

The bureau hopes to have the new system available in 2022, and the new data would be collected by 2020.

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