How to save more water in your home

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article I can’t wait for spring!

That means a trip to the store, a few fresh veggies, and maybe a bowl of noodles.

Then, I might have some leftover veggies from yesterday.

Or maybe I’ll get some more veggies from tomorrow, when I’ll be working on a batch of homemade pasta.

And then the summer.

If I don’t eat, that means I’ll eat.

And if I do eat, I’ll probably have to make it for myself.

If it’s just vegetables and pasta, I can probably eat it for lunch.

And maybe make a quick batch of pasta for myself, too.

This is the beauty of living on the cheap.

We can make things and eat them, but there’s always something else we have to think about.

I have to take care of myself, so I’m constantly looking for ways to save money.

And I think I’m really smart for having this low-interest, zero-cost savings plan.

If you have a household budget, try it out.

And you can also save money on your energy bill with the simple switch to a zero-emissions home.

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