What is nuclear waste management? | Bloomberg

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A new nuclear waste dump has opened in southwest Michigan, and it’s the biggest one yet.

The U.S. Department of Energy is leasing the site for a $2.5 billion project to manage nuclear waste in a repository that has been unused since 1962.

The dump is expected to take 10 years to complete.

The waste is in a facility that’s operated by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for decades.

The department has said the dump will have a safety margin of at least three years.

The new dump is the largest of its kind in the U.K.

The dump, located in the middle of a landfill, is the biggest of its type in the world, and is about twice as big as the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Pennsylvania.

The site will also have storage tanks for spent nuclear fuel.

The $2 billion project is the first in a series of large new dumps for nuclear waste, said Brian Shulman, the deputy administrator of the U of M.

Shulman told Bloomberg News in an email that the dump is intended to address a shortage of land to build new nuclear storage facilities.

The state has spent millions of dollars over the past decade to build and maintain existing storage sites for spent fuel and spent nuclear material.

The dumps, along with the Waste Pilot Plant, are a significant part of the solution, Shulmansaid.

The EPA plans to use the waste to help meet the nation’s climate change targets.

Shulsman said the state’s plan to create a new nuclear facility at the dump has been discussed with several other states, including Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The state hopes to get the deal done in a few months, he said.

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