‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star’s ‘Moral Of The Story’ to be the new ‘Glee’ theme song

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The “Moral of the Story” song is to be featured in the second season of “Glee,” the network announced Thursday.

The theme song is the first one of several that will be used for the season.

It will premiere Sept. 11 on NBC, but will be released on iTunes and streaming services.

The first season of the ABC sitcom is set in Atlanta, Georgia.

The second season is set across New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The song will be composed by Michael Cera, who was nominated for an Emmy for his work on “Breaking Bad” and the NBC drama “The Office.”

The song will feature a mix of traditional pop and country music.

“We’re thrilled to premiere this new ‘Mental of the Game’ theme to the show,” said Michael Price, NBC Entertainment chairman.

“Glamour is the name of the game here, so we’re excited to give our audience another reason to tune in.”

“Moral” will be featured prominently in “Gleeks” season finale, which is set to air Sept. 29.