New York City to accept waste pickup trucks and trash containers

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NEW YORK CITY — A New York state bill that would require the city to accept and dispose of all trash trucks that operate on public streets and sidewalks and in parks and other public areas is set to be introduced to the Assembly.

The bill, SB 1130 by Assemblyman Jim Hightower (D-Manhattan), is designed to encourage the use of the trucks, but would allow the city and counties to designate a certain number of trucks for use on city streets and streets that have been designated as public gathering places.

The bill has already been approved by the Senate, which passed the bill by a vote of 28-14.

State Sen. Mike Gatto (D, Queens) has also introduced a similar bill, S. 1617, that would provide for the city, counties and other entities to choose which trucks they would accept, and to designate certain places where trucks can be operated, such as playgrounds, parks and green spaces.

State Sen.

“Mike Gatto (D) has introduced a bill that will allow for the localities to select which garbage pickup trucks they will accept.

The bill has passed the Assembly, but has yet to be signed into law by Gov.

Andrew Cuomo.

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