What you need to know about the growing global problem of brain salt wasting

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With a growing global demand for brain salt, how do you find out how much of your brain is wasted?

We’re going to take a look.


Is it safe?

It depends.

Brain salt is considered safe for a range of uses, including treating Alzheimer’s, reducing blood pressure and heart disease, treating depression, treating arthritis, treating seizures and chronic pain, treating cancer and preventing seizures.

In fact, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has said that brain salt is “safe for use in children.”


Is there any evidence that it’s a health risk?

Some studies suggest it’s not, though other studies have found some link to brain swelling and cognitive decline.


Is this really a problem?

The US Food and Drug Administration has said no, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

In Canada, the Health Canada guidelines say that “there is no scientific evidence to suggest that brain salts are harmful or otherwise potentially harmful to health or the environment.”


Is your brain safe?

Some experts say that you’re probably fine, but others say it’s time to rethink your dietary habits.

And there are still plenty of unanswered questions.