WCA waste, burrtec landfill to be shut down

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A large waste collection site in Waca will be closed for a day on Monday, and a facility near Burrtec in New Mexico will be shut for the day as well.

Waca is the site of a waste incinerator facility operated by the WCA Waste Management Corporation, which has had a long-standing relationship with Burrctec.

WCA officials have been working with Burrstec on a deal to reduce waste generated by the plant.

Waste Management will pay $15,000 for each ton of waste generated and be responsible for cleaning up the site.

Waste management has a contract with Burrdec to provide $40,000 in recycling services and $100,000 to assist the Wca in collecting the recyclable material.

Wca officials will not be accepting donations or taking other measures to reduce the site’s waste output, WCA spokesperson Erin Gough said.

The site has a capacity of 4,400 tonnes of waste per year, Gough wrote in an email.

The WCA is in talks with Burrusec to continue operating the facility, but it is not yet clear when that may happen.

Burrtsec officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Burrtec will close the facility by the end of the day, Grough wrote.

The closure will not affect other facilities in Waco that have been operating since the facility opened in June.

The company is currently operating a waste management facility in Waukegan, Ill.

Burrsec will be operating a $200 million incinerator plant near Chicago.

Waco Mayor Pete Buttigieg said in a news release that Waco will continue to support the Waca Waste Management and Burrsctec partnerships as long as they are in a good financial position.

WCA Waste management and Burrcoctec are working to close the Waco facility, and the city will continue its ongoing partnership with the two companies, the release said.

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