Waste removal sacramentos: What to do when your recycling goes bad

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More than two dozen of the country’s largest recycling companies said they have halted production of a major product for the waste industry, citing rising costs and the lack of demand.

Waste management company WasteDirect Inc., which makes the products, said in a statement it had stopped production of its Platinum Gold recycling and recyclables. 

A spokesman for WasteDirect, Brian Fauci, said the company has received several inquiries about its Platinum Platinum recycling, which was available in California and the Northeast, as well as some in the Midwest and Southeast. 

WasteDirect said in the statement that it was “taking steps to address its supply of Platinum Gold Recycling.” 

The company said it is “evaluating our options to further reduce our supply of platinum gold recycling.”

The company, which makes about 20 million platinum gold recyclable bottles and cans a year, said it will stop production of Platinum Platinum Recyclables and Platinum Platinum Pareco Recycled Recycles by the end of the month, or as soon as possible if the company can’t find a buyer.

Waste management company Greenbrier Corp. said it had suspended production of products like recycling bottles, containers and paper waste at its five-year-old facility in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

The companies said the bottlenecks were affecting recycling volumes, reducing the volume of recyclability available in the U.S. and adding to the cost of packaging and transporting waste. 

Greenbrier said it expects to resume production of recycling products and paper by the beginning of 2019. 

Industry experts say the bottloming out of recycling will force recycling companies to rethink their operations and their strategies, potentially forcing some to stop producing products like paper, plastic, metal and cardboard.

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