Biohazard waste to increase by 5 percent for 2017

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AIR Capital Waste, a waste management company, plans to increase its waste disposal volume by 5% for the year through the end of the year, according to a company press release.

The firm also said that its wastewater treatment plant in Oklahoma City is expected to start accepting biohazard waste from June through the close of business on Sept. 4.

The company has been working on a plan to dispose of the waste at a new facility in Oklahoma that would take up about half of its waste distribution capacity, it said.

The other half will be used to process the waste and to convert it to energy to power the company’s power plant in the state, it added.

The move is part of a trend by biohazard companies to expand their operations and to diversify their waste stream, which is an important step for them in terms of their sustainability, the firm said.

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