Waste at Australian landfill could be dumped on Australian beaches, Environment Minister says

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Posted October 15, 2018 12:31:54 Waste at the landfill site at Tindall, in New South Wales, could be put on beaches and the state government is looking into how to dispose of the waste.

Environment Minister Adam Bandt said waste would be dumped off-site, but it would have to be “managed and managed properly”.

“This would be a very good thing to do for us and it’s something that the State Government is looking at,” he said.

Bandt confirmed a number of sites were currently being investigated for landfill. “

It’s not something that we’re currently in a position to do.”

Bandt confirmed a number of sites were currently being investigated for landfill.

“If there are any sites that we consider that are going to have the potential to be a landfill, we will be working with the State to ensure that they’re compliant with landfill regulations,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

The State Government also has a disposal plan for waste from the Tindalash landfill site.

“It is a very large and very complex site and I don’t want to give you a specific time frame for what that’s going to look like but it’s likely that the waste will be disposed of by the end of the year,” he explained.

“What we’re looking at is to have a plan in place for what the waste is going to be disposed by the year 2020.”

BandT said the plan would also include a recycling centre and a site that would be used to store the waste at night.

“This will be a recycling facility that will have bins and it will have to have bins of waste that are not going to end up in the landfill,” he added.

The state is also considering a plan for a landfill site to dispose waste.

“The plan is that landfill sites will be closed off, but the State government has said that we’ll have to see what’s in the future and we’ll be looking into that,” Bandt added.

“That’s what’s been discussed with the landfill operators and the landfill companies.”

If we get the green light to close off that landfill site and we do that it will be done as a temporary closure.

“But if we do the final disposal it will continue to be done.”

Waste at Tisdall landfill in New England is a large landfill site near Bristol.

It was first used as a landfill in 2009 and the State has been working on a plan to dispose the waste there for more than a decade.

A landfill plan from 2009 showed a waste site would be closed to the public in 2020 and it was expected that waste would eventually be dumped to the sea.

Waste from the landfill was discovered in 2011.

The Department of Primary Industries said it did not have any information to indicate waste was being disposed of in this way.

But Environment Minister Bandt was adamant that the decision would not be influenced by political concerns.

“I think that’s completely inaccurate, it’s a very simple, sensible thing to make sure that we do what’s best for the environment,” he admitted.

“There are no political considerations, no political preferences that have been put to any other people.”

We’re trying to make the best use of the landfill we can, which is a good thing and it’ll be an exciting time to see where we end up with that.

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