Burrtec says it has cut its CO2 emissions by almost 20%

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By BERKELEY (AP) Burrctech Inc., the California-based waste recycling company, says it is cutting its CO 2 emissions by nearly 20% as it tries to turn its operations around from a $2.6 billion loss in fiscal year 2018 to a $7.7 billion net profit in 2019.

Burrtec’s shares are up 1% so far this year and its stock is up more than 4% this year.

Burrtec, which has been battling a string of plant closures, is the nation’s second-largest waste recycling and recyclability company behind Waste Management Inc., which has about 2,500 employees.

Its plants have been the target of more than 50 lawsuits over its handling of waste, including two lawsuits filed last year by two states.