When the waste industry has its moment of glory

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Posted by Mike Smith on Friday, August 24, 2018 10:00:38 The waste industry is in a big moment, with waste management in the spotlight as one of its biggest opportunities for growth.

The waste and recycling industry has a strong base, with about 60% of households reporting that they have received a recycling voucher, and a further 30% reporting that their household recycles at least one product a week.

A recent survey from the Waste and Recycling Association (WRA) found that the industry will be worth $4.2 billion in 2019, with a market value of more than $1.2 trillion.

WRA chief executive Sue White said that while the industry has experienced some disruption in recent years, it has been well supported by the government.

“As our economy is booming, we have to ensure that waste is handled efficiently and safely,” she said.

“Waste management is the key to making sure that waste gets to waste and not waste gets into the landfill.”

Waste and recycling have been a major source of funding for the Waste Management Association for many years, with the group providing a wide range of services, from waste disposal to waste processing.

“The waste industry in this country has a long way to go,” said Mr White.

“It is a great opportunity for waste management.”

There are three major waste management companies in Australia: Waste Management, Waste Solutions and Waste Services Australia.

Waste Management is the leading waste management company in the country and provides services to households and businesses.

It manages over 10 million tonnes of waste each year and manages about $1 billion in revenues.

Waste Solutions is a global waste management and recycling company with offices in 50 countries and a turnover of about $100 million a year.

Waste Services is owned by a private company that makes recycling equipment and recycles materials from waste to waste.

Waste management has also gained in popularity in the US and Europe in recent times, as demand for recycled goods and services has been growing.

Waste Industries Minister and Waste Management CEO Mike Kelly said that waste management is a vital sector to be part of.

“For too long the waste sector has been at the mercy of the market, with very limited funding for waste treatment and recycling,” he said.

The government is investing more in waste management to ensure the industry is well funded in the future.

Mr Kelly said the industry needs to focus on reducing its environmental impact and recycling.

“We need to reduce the number of tonnes of material that we are using and put that money into the industry,” he added.

“If you can get rid of the material that is sitting in landfills and in landfill waste, you can put that into the waste management industry, because it is the most sustainable way to get rid to waste.”

Mr Kelly is particularly excited about the future of waste management, saying that the sector could provide “a significant economic boost” to Australia.

“There are a lot of potential industries and industries that could benefit from the waste processing and recycling of waste,” he explained.

Waste management is not just about money for waste disposal, but also about the environment. “

One of the big challenges of the waste disposal industry is the waste itself, the waste that we take from the landfill and throw it in the sea.”

Waste management is not just about money for waste disposal, but also about the environment.

The Waste Management Alliance says it helps to create jobs in the sector, by supporting local businesses.

“A lot of waste processing takes place in Australia, and waste is used to make everything from plastic to aluminium, plastics and metals to building materials,” said Dr Kelly.

“In Australia we also use waste products to make chemicals to make our clothing and footwear.”

In some countries, waste is a major component of the country’s national economy.

According to a report by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, about 75% of the value of manufactured goods and machinery is derived from the use of waste materials.

This is mainly because of the high volume of goods and materials produced and transported from overseas.

Waste has a significant impact on the environment as well.

“Some of the materials we use in the manufacture of our clothing, our shoes, our furniture, our paints, our textiles and our textile processing, the majority of the energy that goes into those processes is spent on the waste,” Dr Kelly said.

Waste is often used to produce electricity.

It is also used to manufacture plastics and paints, and to make plastics and plastics and the like for building materials.

It also contributes to the production of paper, and textiles, textiles for footwear and footwear.

Waste also plays a role in the production and processing of many products such as plastics, wood and other industrial products.

“With a significant proportion of our waste coming from waste production, our environment is also being damaged, and our water and air is also polluted,” said Ms White. She said

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