How to cut waste in your life

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A recent survey found that one-third of Canadians feel overwhelmed by their everyday activities, and that half of them say they’re “not sure how to cut out waste”.

But with a number of things in our daily lives, we often can’t be sure where the next step is in reducing waste.

Here are five easy ways to cut down on waste and keep your home clean.


Make your home more productive.

The average household wastes 1,200 litres of water a day, and Canadians waste more than five times that amount in total.

According to Statistics Canada, one person wastes as much water as they produce in a year, and waste can affect a whole family’s health and well-being.

This is why we recommend: a) taking the time to create an energy-efficient home and get it up and running, or b) taking a step back and making your home easier to clean.

You can also check out our article: What is waste?

for more information on how to make your home cleaner.


Make sure your appliances are running.

Most Canadians don’t know how to properly maintain their homes.

If you’re not using a proper furnace or air conditioner, it’s a good idea to get them repaired or replaced.

Also, be sure to keep your air conditioning and air-conditioning system working.


Don’t put in your water, waste or paper.

If the water in your sink and your recycling is in poor condition, or if you’re using a dishwasher with broken or damaged parts, you could end up with a water-logged dish or sink.


Turn off your computer and TV before you go out.

If your house is in good repair, you can make sure your home is more productive by shutting off your entertainment system before you get out.


Keep your home tidy.

If all else fails, a good rule of thumb is to always take your recycling out of the trash and keep it in your home for a few days.

This will help keep the waste out of your home and keep waste out.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has more on how you can start to reduce waste.

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