Which state waste management agency will get the lion’s share of the $2 billion?

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By KATHERINE SUTTONS and MIKE RICHARDSONAssociated PressIt’s time to get serious about waste management in Michigan.

The state is poised to get more than $2.3 billion from the federal Solid Waste Management Agency.

It’s the biggest infusion in the agency’s history, and it’s a big win for the state’s economy.

The state’s Department of Environmental Quality said Friday that Michigan will receive about $2,400 per ton of solid waste.

That’s a 10-fold increase over the agency already getting $250 per ton in 2016.

The $2-billion infusion will allow Michigan to pay for about 80 percent of the Solid Waste Administration’s costs.

The agency is already spending $1.5 billion per year on its waste management.

It also means more money for state and local governments to collect and deliver solid waste to landfill.

It also means a big boost in recycling, as more solid waste is being recycled and used.

Solid waste is treated and stored to remove contaminants and other hazardous substances.

The money the Solid Industry Council gets will go toward expanding the state agency’s reach to more communities, the department said in a statement.

The Solid Waste Agency is responsible for handling waste and providing information to the public about its operations.

The group has been critical of the federal agency, which is also responsible for environmental regulations in many states.

The agency has been trying to change its image after years of underfunding, according to state officials.

That includes hiring a former Republican congressional staffer who has been working with the Solid Government Reform Committee.

That new hire, Richard Mankoff, was the only person hired by the agency who previously worked for the Solid Economy and Labor Coalition, the group that has been a leading critic of Solid Waste agency management.

Mankoff is now vice president of government affairs and advocacy for the Michigan Solid Waste Coalition, a nonprofit group that is also the state government’s largest waste watchdog.

He said the Solid waste agency is doing a good job.

But there are many areas where it needs to do better.

Mankoffs group is calling for a stronger emphasis on collecting and recycling solid waste and making better use of the money to support the state workforce, especially in recycling.

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