Michigan is using waste management to reduce waste, reducing its waste volume by 50%

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Michigan is reducing its municipal waste volume, according to a new study by waste management company Waste Management. 

The company said its waste management strategy is changing to be more efficient and reduce the amount of waste produced.

The company’s research shows that Michigan’s municipal waste, or MWD, is now down to about 25% of the size it was before the waste reduction program.

Michigan’s waste management program reduced waste volume from 5,600 tons in 2011 to 3,500 tons in 2018.

Waste Management said its new strategy is based on the company’s experience with waste collection, which has been a key focus of its waste collection program.

The company has more than 8,500 employees and manages nearly 1,100 businesses.

The state has been trying to reduce its waste by cutting back on the amount and types of products used for recycling and reuse.

In 2016, Gov.

Rick Snyder signed legislation requiring recycling to begin by 2025.

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