Waste management golf course on the verge of closure due to new waste management plan

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A new waste and recycling management plan has seen a new golf course being closed due to a “health risk”.

The golf course in Shaftesbury, East Sussex, was slated to be closed in 2019.

It was set to reopen next year.

But the Government said the existing management plan for the golf course was no longer adequate and the Government had to step in to make the project viable.

A spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “It is a health risk to the environment and we need to look at all options to ensure we can maintain the level of activity in the area.”

The golf courses in Shafley and Chipping Norton are being closed, and they are not going to be opened again for at least another year.

“There have been concerns about the health of residents on the golf courses, with residents at the Chipping Estate in Shackelford and Shaftsbury told they could have “heart attacks” if they were not careful.

Mr Dickson said he would look at “a range of different options”.

He added: “If we can find something that’s not going too badly then we’ll consider it.”

A spokesman for Sussex County Council said: ‘The council is working with local authorities to support the project to make sure the area remains a viable destination for golfers and recreational golfers in the future.’

We will provide a statement as soon as we can.’

The golf club has been closed for the past six years and the last two months have been the most difficult.

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