Waste Management’s new Waste Management Seattle office is a waste management hub for Seattle, with new waste management services

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The Waste Management company announced a new waste and recycling services division in Seattle this week, with a new Seattle office and an expanded focus on waste management in the city.

The division, which is called Waste Management Services, will have 24-hour, 24-day, 365-day and 7-day service options for residential, commercial and industrial waste, including composting, recycling and municipal waste.

The new division will also include an additional 50 employees in the Seattle office, including 20 from the Waste Management service area, and additional employees from the Seattle and Washington areas who are dedicated to the company’s waste management business.

The Seattle office will be in the Pacific Northwest’s industrial district and will have more than 1,300 square feet of office space, and the Seattle offices will provide a high-speed, secure network of secure storage, recycling, and waste management facilities, according to the announcement.

Waste Management is the world’s largest waste management company with offices in Seattle, Portland, Washington and Singapore.

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