Waste dumping, pet waste removal in seattle

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SEATTLE — In the years before the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, seattle had seen more than its fair share of the nation’s garbage dumped.

The Seattle Times recently profiled the region’s growing collection efforts and saw a lot of garbage.

Some was picked up by a friend, others by a family member.

The problem is, the trash is all over the place.

It’s been a good year for the seattle collection effort, the Seattle Times reported.

The number of tons of trash collected is up more than 50% since last year, when more than 7,000 tons were collected.

The city of Seattle has collected an estimated 4,000 tonnes of trash since it began the program in 2010, but it’s just as likely that the amount collected in 2015 will be even higher.

A handful of places have gone so far as to dump all of the trash in one place.

Some of the waste is still being hauled to the landfill, and it could take years before it’s all removed from the streets.

Seattle collects waste in a garbage collection truck in the downtown area of Seattle.

Some residents say that the city should dump the trash on the beach instead.

“It’s not good to put the garbage on the beaches,” said Seattle resident Mary D. “Milly” Smith.

“If we have to use the beach for dumping it, we’d rather it be in a landfill.”

Smith, who works in the landfill business, has worked for decades as a seattle garbage collector.

She’s heard the argument that the landfill should be in the city, but said that would not work for the landfill in the Seattle area.

“I have been saying for years that we have the right to dump it anywhere we want,” Smith said.

Seattle’s landfill is a few blocks from the waterfront, and Smith says she’s heard some people argue that the land is in the right place, but not the right time.

While there is a lot going on with seattle’s waste collection, it’s still a very small percentage of the total collection effort.

The total collection of the garbage collected in the Puget Sound region is about 1.2 million tons annually, or less than 1% of all the garbage in the United States.

There are other factors contributing to the growing collection effort in the region, such as the ongoing battle over the future of the airport, and the efforts of the city and state to bring more public transportation.

The city has a plan for the airport and has partnered with the Seattle Airport Authority to start construction on the first phase of the $2.5 billion terminal.

The airport is set to open in 2019.

Other efforts are also taking place in Seattle.

The city is planning to install a new sewage treatment plant that will divert wastewater from the landfill and treat it for people to use instead of being disposed of on the street.

The plan has been criticized by some residents who worry that the plant will pollute the seashore.

The airport is also working to get the public to come and pay to use its facilities.

The first two phases of the project will include the sewage treatment facility, and Seattle has also begun to install street lighting at the airport.

However, many residents worry that a larger effort to collect all of Seattle’s trash is taking place that’s not being taken seriously by the city.

The number of people working in the waste collection business is expected to rise dramatically as the region sees an increase in population.

A recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are about 2.5 million residents living in Seattle, and that growth is projected to double in the next 10 years.

The growth is expected even though some of the jobs in the garbage collection industry are not currently paying enough, according to a report from a think tank called the University of Washington.

A major part of the reason for the shortage is that workers in the industry are overqualified for the jobs and have little or no experience in handling garbage.

“If we don’t invest in education in the trash collection industry, there’s going to be a huge impact on the amount of waste being collected and treated in the future,” said Chris Rader, executive director of the Pugets Alliance for Recycling, a non-profit organization.

The Puget Stowage and Handling Company is working on a plan to develop a better waste collection process and improve the city’s trash collection efforts.

One thing that’s working well is the city has taken on some of its own challenges.

The waste management district in Seattle has been working to reduce the number of cars parked on the streets in the area, and some people in the community are starting to worry about the safety of the area.

The district recently released a study that found that more than 75% of people surveyed felt unsafe when they were around the city dumpster.

As the region grows, it has also become a major source

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