Waste tank for RVs and trailers at RVA landfill is expected to cost $1.2M

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RVA is seeking $1,224,000 for a waste tank for a single RVs or trailers.

The project is part of a $4.8 million grant awarded to RVA Public Works Department by the Department of Transportation.RVA Public Safety Commissioner Paul Davis said the waste tank will be located in the city’s Waste Management Facility, a facility that is operated by the city and state.

Davis said RVA plans to use an industrial grade tank, with the potential for use on commercial properties.

Davis said the city is seeking a cost of $1 million for the project.

Davis also said the project will require a new permit.

The Waste Management facility will be used to dispose of garbage generated from RVs, motorcycles and trucks.

The $1-million project will cost about $1 per unit, according to Davis.

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