Why I’ve been a fan of ‘The Simpsons’ for 10 years

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It’s not just that “The Simpsons” has always had a great sense of humor and is the funniest show on television.

It’s that “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is the best comedy on television today.

It might not be the best TV show, but it is the greatest comedy on TV.

“The Simpsons,” a show about two suburban kids, is the oldest comedy on the air, and it still stands the test of time.

The first season of “The Bart Stumpers Show” (1997) was the longest-running sitcom on television, but “The Last of the Mohicans” (2003) was more than three decades old.

“The X-Files” (2001-2003) has never been the most popular show, although its fans are as devoted as any of its creators.

“It’s always Sunny in Philly” has been a long-running, consistently hilarious show for more than a decade.

And that’s been a source of fascination for me since I first started watching it more than 20 years ago.

I was 13 when “The Sopranos” premiered on HBO.

I loved the way the show was structured and its message of family and community.

“Sopranos,” written by and starring Peter Sellers, was about a dysfunctional family in New York City.

The show was created by a cast of talented, talented writers, and I loved them.

It had an incredibly strong story, a strong sense of family, and a lot of laughs.

I grew up in a small town and the show always made me feel like a part of the family.

The Soprano Show” wasn’t always so successful.

The cast had to work very hard to make the show as successful as it was, but the story and the characters kept me interested in watching it for years.

I remember one particular episode in the first season when I was 13, which is the one I think made the biggest impression on me.

It was called “The Return of the Bart Stamps.”

I remember I was so excited to see it.

I was watching a movie with my friends and we were watching it on the way home from a school dance, and this guy comes up to me and says, “Are you The Bart Stumps?”

And I just remember thinking, This is great!

I didn’t know what to think, but I was just so excited.

I wanted to do it, and that was the first time I’d ever had to do a stunt.

I got to be the Stump Stamps.

I got to put on a wig and do my first sketch.

And I was thrilled.

I thought, I have to do this.

I’m going to be The Bart, and now I’ve got this cool character that’s a real person.

It’s been so inspiring to me to see that show grow over the years, and even now, a few years later, I’ve gotten to meet so many of the people involved in the show.

But it was still so special.

The Simpsons was one of my favorite shows growing up, and “The Bachelorette” is one of the most loved television shows of all time.

And “The Office” has really been a favorite show of mine ever since.

It makes me so proud to have been a part in it.

And I love “It” too.

I think it’s one of those shows that people love for so long, but then they start to fall in love with it, so it loses its appeal and is no longer what people want to watch.

But there’s always a reason why they watch it, whether it’s to watch a comedy, watch a drama, watch an action show.

The Simpsons has always been a great comedy.

It always has been, and is still.

I’ve always been fascinated by it.

The show is a lot about family.

It is a family sitcom.

It has that sense of humour.

It really has.

And the cast is really great.

The actors, writers, producers, directors, directors of photography, the writers and cast, the show’s writers, it’s amazing.

It would have been hard to do anything else, but you get a sense of what it is to be a fan.

I really have a love for it.

There’s a lot to love about it.

You see it as a reflection of a community and of a society.

I mean, that’s the whole thing.

It reflects our society, our culture.

It just shows that the community is so big and so good and the people so good, that there’s a kind of joy in the community.

And there’s this feeling of community that’s really reflected in the way that it’s filmed.

It feels like an extension of who you are.

It looks like you’re there for the people.

I love that about the show, because it’s not about you and it’s so personal.

You get to be that person and it feels like that’s what

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