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article A garbage truck driver who says he is fed up with his work as a garbage collector in St. Louis is suing his employer, saying he is owed compensation for unpaid overtime, lost wages and medical costs.

In a complaint filed Thursday in St Louis County Circuit Court, Mark Hodge alleges he was laid off in late March and his pay has been withheld.

The trucking company did not respond to requests for comment.

Hodge’s lawsuit is one of several filed across the country, including one in North Carolina.

Hodge said he’s spent more than $1,000 on lawyers and lost all of his savings.

“They’re going to get away with this because it’s a government agency,” Hodge told ABC News.

“They’ve got a bunch of people who are not working.”

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson said the city will respond to Hodge’s suit.

St. Lucie County Executive Steve Strickland said he believes the lawsuit is frivolous and the city would be willing to consider the city’s position if it were needed.

Strickland also criticized the federal government for using the court system to resolve the issue.

“The city is not a party here.

This is an issue that should be handled by the courts,” he said.

Haddock said he is a single father with two young daughters.

The driver, whose name has not been released, was hired as a contractor by the St. Clair County Solid Waste Management District in August, according to his lawsuit.

St. Clair officials did not immediately return calls for comment on Thursday.

The district, which oversees a landfill in St Clair County, has not responded to ABC News’ requests for information on Haddock’s lawsuit.

Hoyle is seeking back pay and compensatory damages.

St Louis Mayor Drew Rosenberger told the city does not have a problem with the trucking companies’ decision to lay off drivers, but has been notified of multiple instances where drivers were paid less than they were due.

“I do think that is a concern, and I’m glad that the company is coming forward and saying that,” Rosenberger said.

“There’s a lot of people out there that have been working hard and trying to make ends meet, and they’re not getting the benefits that they should have.”

Hodge was laid-off by the truck company after a recent job change, according a St. Lusaka police report.

He had worked for the company for a year.

The company had been providing garbage pickup to the St Clair and St. Charles areas.

The lawsuit alleges that St. Joseph has been without a garbage truck since December and said there have been no pay raises.

St Clair Mayor Dan McQuade said he thinks the company will defend itself against Hodge.

McQuade also said he has been contacted by several businesses that have filed lawsuits alleging that they have been cheated by the trucks.

“The trucks that are driving by the landfill are just not going to be a reliable source of trash and debris,” he told ABC affiliate KSTP-TV.

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