Portland is taking on the ‘Pelican Waste’ with a new waste management program

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The City of Portland is rolling out a new program that allows residents to recycle their garbage, recycling bins and waste connections.

The city said Monday that the program, which was rolled out in April, will allow residents to reuse their trash for more than 50 different kinds of items.

The city has launched the program by partnering with the city’s Waste Connection, a waste management company, in the hopes of increasing recycling and recycling-related activity within the city.

It is part of an initiative called “Pelicans Can Do,” which seeks to encourage the city to recycle more and recycle better.

“We’re really proud of this initiative,” Mayor Charlie Hales said.

“It’s a way for Portlanders to recycle and reuse their waste and we hope that it will be a catalyst for the community to be more active.”

Pelicans Can Do, the city says, aims to improve the citys recycling efforts by encouraging residents to:Put away household waste, food waste and household products that can be reused for new items, such as furniture and furniture accessories.

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