Why waste trucks are a waste management solution for many communities

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On the outskirts of the city of Cottbus, a waste truck has become the go-to waste management tool for residents who want to remove unwanted items from their yard and reduce the burden of trash in their community.

The waste truck, named “Kraken,” is part of a local program that’s helping residents take on the task of taking trash out of their homes, with a goal to reduce litter and other waste that’s generated by the city’s garbage system.

“We are really trying to reduce the number of people coming into our community that come in with trash, because they don’t have to come in, and they have no place to put it,” said Todal Staggs, a member of the Cottuis City Council.

The city, which serves about 2,500 people, is currently trying to get a citywide garbage collection program going.

That effort, which is funded by the state of Georgia, has been a success.

In a city of just over 1 million, about 15 percent of the population live in poverty, according to census data.

Todal said the waste truck program is designed to help residents who have been caught with items they have intentionally left on their property or other things they want to dispose of.

When a homeowner sees the truck, they are given the option to either take the item off the street or dispose of it in the trash, Todar said.

They can then return it to the recycling center.

“It’s kind of like a free gift that you can take with you when you’re out, or you can throw it away when you get back home,” he said.

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