How to get rid of waste and save money in Colorado

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DENVER — Waste management officials say they’re seeing an increase in the number of households in the Denver area that don’t have access to a trash pickup truck.

Denver Public Works director Michael J. DeGrucci says the department has noticed a significant increase in homeowners not having access to the trash pickup trucks and wants to make sure residents know how to get there.

“It’s actually a really significant issue, because in Denver there are so many people that live in that part of the city, and that includes residential properties,” DeGgrucci said.

Denver is one of the top cities in the nation with a trash-to-energy efficiency rate of more than 87 percent, but some homeowners aren’t using the recycling process.

That could be a big problem if residents don’t know where to find trash cans.

“I think the general public would like to know where all the garbage is, and what’s in it, and why is it being stored there,” Degrucci said, adding that it’s important for homeowners to be aware of what they’re dumping in their homes.

Denver and the neighboring towns of Pueblo and El Paso have the second highest rates of residential trash disposal in the country.

The city also has one of America’s highest rates for household waste collection.

DeGrucicci said Denver Public Works wants to improve its trash-recycling efforts by making sure residents are aware of where to collect and how to recycle their trash.

The trash can and recycling program in Denver has expanded over the years, but it’s not without its challenges.

“We do a lot of things to try to keep things as clean as possible, but we’re also dealing with a population that really wants to recycle,” De Grucci added.

De Grucicius also wants to find ways to increase the use of energy-efficient devices in the household garbage collection program.

“The people that are most at risk from it are those who are trying to get out of the house, or the people who live in places that have no electric or gas service,” he said.

The recycling program is just one piece of the puzzle to make a healthier, more environmentally friendly city.

De Gurgis plan includes expanding the number and variety of household trash pickup stations to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.

De Grocicci says there are other solutions to reduce trash in the city.

“There’s going to be a lot more efforts to get our trash out of landfills, and we need to start doing that, and the people in charge of that are also in charge in other ways,” he added.

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