How to save on your landfill costs: How to avoid landfill headaches

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Read more The department said: “Waste management and recycling companies can also take part in a Waste Management Scheme for those who want to reduce their waste emissions through recycling, composting, waste-to-energy or alternative energy.”

The scheme offers a range of benefits, including helping to ensure our environment is healthier for future generations.

“The department said it is “working closely” with the private sector to “enhance waste management practices”.

A spokeswoman said: ‘We know that the public’s appetite for recycling has increased over the past decade, and this will be a key focus for the department as we look to boost recycling levels and reduce landfill emissions.”

A recent report found that waste management is now a key sector of our economy, with the sector accounting for nearly 12% of our total landfill emissions, and it is clear that our environment must be protected if we are to meet the Paris climate change targets.

“While we recognise that a cleaner environment requires an improved waste management system, we recognise the importance of our local communities to ensuring that our landfill waste and recycling resources are properly utilised.”

We are also continuing to work with local authorities to provide information and advice about waste management and landfill waste to residents and businesses.

“These measures will provide the support communities need to reduce the amount of landfill waste that is generated in their local area, and will help to address some of the problems that we have identified.”

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