Why the Tories are wasting billions of pounds on pollard waste

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A Conservative government has spent millions on waste management and recycling projects for landfill sites across the UK, according to the Environmental Audit Agency.

The waste management works is the latest in a series of policies put in place by the Tories to improve the environment.

It is expected to save the taxpayer £2.8bn by 2025, according the EAA.

The report found waste management could save taxpayers around £6bn in 2019-20, and the Tories have been keen to promote this, even though there is already a £6.8 billion programme for waste management.

There are currently four landfill sites, all of which have been used by the Conservatives to collect rubbish.

The Conservatives say the waste management projects will help the UK’s economy grow, but environmentalists say the government has failed to take action.

The EAA says: “The Tories are putting the interests of landfill operators above the interests and well-being of landfill owners.

This has the potential to undermine the country’s recycling targets and undermine the UK economy.”

Environmentalists say that the government’s waste management strategy is inadequate.

They say the strategy fails to take into account the needs of landfill and recycling operators and fails to recognise that landfill waste is not just landfill.

Environmentalists have called on the government to ensure that the waste from landfill sites is recycled to meet recycling targets.

The Waste Management Strategy is set to be introduced next month.

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