Ontario Premier wastes money on provincial waste management system

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Premier Kathleen Wynne has a plan to save money on waste management at Ontario’s waste treatment plants, but it is not on a large scale yet.

Premier Kathleen Wynn has promised to invest $40 million to $60 million into Ontario Waste Management’s waste management and recycling programs over the next three years.

The province is also looking to boost the use of recycled material to help meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets.

The government says it has invested $8 million in the new waste management program in the past five years, but that has only been part of the plan.

“We’re working hard on our waste management,” Wynne said during a question-and-answer session on Tuesday, adding that she wants to continue to invest in waste management.

Wynne was asked about the $40-million investment and how it would be used.

She said, “It will be a big part of our future plans, but the bulk of it is going to be spent on waste recovery, which we have been doing for the last five years.

We will continue to work on it.”

Wynne says she wants a plan for Ontario to meet its targets on its greenhouse gases emissions by 2050, which are set to rise to between 1.5 and 2.5 gigatons of CO2-equivalent emissions by 2030.

“This is a big plan for us,” Wynne added.

“And we’re looking forward to taking this forward and making sure we’re able to meet those targets.”

Wynne said Ontario has already increased recycling and waste collection from about 100,000 tonnes to more than 800,000 by 2020.

She also said Ontario would be using a new program to create green jobs in the region by 2024, which would involve about 1,300 people.

Wynne also said that the province will invest in a new waste processing facility in the city of Toronto that will create up to 1,000 jobs over the coming five years to meet demand.

She says that the Ontario Green Investment Plan is “not just about green jobs.”

Wynne’s $40 billion plan would invest $30 billion in the province’s waste processing and recycling systems.

She has pledged to invest another $15 billion in waste disposal programs in 2018-19, and she said the province would use that money to increase the recycling of waste by 50 percent over the same period.

Wynne said the plan would be an investment that is “worth it to us” in the long term.

“The green investment that we have, the green jobs that we will create and the green investment in our economy, it is worth it to me,” she said.

Wynne added that Ontario will also have a “big plan” to improve the waste management of its waste by 2025.

Wynne says the province has the resources to make a significant investment in waste processing, and said the program is “working.”

Wynne also noted that the government will also be investing in the use and management of a new landfill.

“That’s going to help us with our environmental issues and reduce our carbon footprint,” she told reporters.

Wynne is also planning to open a new public landfill in the Niagara region that will be used to store waste, but said she was unsure how long that would take to complete.

Wynne has said the $30-billion waste plan is the biggest plan she has seen for the province since she took office in 2009.

She plans to make Ontario the first jurisdiction in North America to phase out its current municipal waste management plan, which has been in place since 2002.

“Ontario is a leader in the waste-to-energy revolution,” Wynne told reporters Tuesday.

“It is a pioneer in the green economy.

And I think we are going to take our green future to a whole new level with this plan.”

Wynne has already promised to increase recycling in the area of waste, with a plan set to be unveiled later this year.

Wynne and the province have also announced that the plan will also include an additional $3 billion for recycling in 2018, which will help to lower the amount of garbage that Ontario produces.

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