Red Creek Waste to make $5.3M in revenue from new facility in Ohio

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Red Creek has a big business in waste.

They’ve been selling waste products since the 1800s, but the company is now getting a little tired of the process.

The company announced plans to make a $5 million investment in its Waste Management headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. 

The new facility, called Red Creek, will make it easier for businesses to find waste that needs to be disposed of, said Tim Wiltse, the company’s vice president of waste and recycling. 

This new facility will have three levels of waste management: a new waste center, a waste recycling facility, and a waste recovery facility.

The first is a centralized site for all waste in Ohio.

The waste center will be a three-story building with storage and waste collection.

This facility will be able to handle millions of tons of waste annually, Wiltess said.

The recycling facility will contain recycling equipment, waste bags, and containers, he added.

The rest of the waste management facility will serve as a centralized facility for waste that is being disposed of. 

“This new waste management center is a new facility that will be much more accessible and will allow us to make more money and grow our business,” Wiltes said. 

Red Creek also announced that it will add 200 new jobs in Toledo and Cincinnati, bringing the total number of jobs in the area to over 4,500.

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